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 Related Facebook Pages in Similar Fields

466 likes: Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade-FLEGT:


•    Shares relevant news articles, and posts from similar pages
•    Very frequent updates
•    Very professional (e.g. no smiley faces)

Oxfam UK 

 Simple official logo, cover photo collage of a key message and a picture of their work.
In posts, they utilise other social media, so a live Q&A on Twitter. Once CED’s page had increased in popularity, maybe a Q&A about FLEGT-VPA would be a good way of sharing information.

They are providing an incentive for liking the page – “exclusive, behind the scenes”. The article is linked to a topical event; a TV show called “Undercover boss” so is relevant.

They create interesting infographics with key information relating to their cause, this encourages people to share the image (this image has 2542 shares!).

CED could create an infographic with statistics about FLEGT-VPA in Vietnam, or with the results of the FLEGT Needs-Assessment. This is more interesting to look at than a long post of solid text. It also uses Oxfam’s main colour, Green, which is important in keeping brand image.

 They encourage users to share a post to show that they have an opinion (usually an opinion which it would be wrong to not agree with).

They reply in a friendly manner using the names of Users when replying to their comments.

CSDS – 3474 likes

They express emotion in their posts in a human manner “looking forward to upcoming workshops for students” – excitement is an emotion.

They use lots of personal pronouns which personalise the posts to the user – “join us now”, “campaign needs you

Quotes from people involved with the project – relevant updates, users have an incentive to like the page because if they like the page then they can access relevant up to date information that they couldn’t find anywhere else.

Renewable World – 788 likes

Simple logo, Cover photo of project (the image has been badly made and you cannot fully read the “Give us the Power” message, but it emotive.

 Interesting statistics on a topic related to the organisation, telling users that if they share and like the page they can make a difference.

Sharing a news article about a related topic, “This is what we like to hear!” is a human way of posting/reacting and showing emotion to the post.

10 Downing Street – 217, 360 likes. Facebook Page of the UK Government, not an NGO but has to be official and provide relevant information.

Simple but striking and relevant cover photo.

When sharing information, they still personalise it. “If you want to find out more”, “perhaps you’re saving for a wedding or house deposit” and make it relatable.

National Star College – 1748 likes

Simple logo with only two colours, cover photo is a very high quality image that shows their work.

Uses an album description that is personal and encourages engagement “you will be missed.”
They use live posts as events are happening with pictures:

FSC – 1,112 likes

They have a Simple logo and their cover photo well positioned, colourful and beautiful.

They encourage engagement through photography competitions – also help with the image of their social media page because they have high quality, well taken photos.

 They use topical events, and ask direct questions.

By Flo


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