What is Green Office ?

The green office

What is it?

In our present era environment plays a significant role in maintaining the homeostasis. However, growing issues with environment in regard to pollution are increasingly evident. In that regard science developed different kinds of approaches and solutions improve the situation on environmental problems. On of those approaches is the introduction of the concept “green office”.
The expression “green office” refers to the practices and mentality at a given workplace that can help to reduce the negative impact of offices activities on the environment. It includes a structure that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. Green offices are designed to be energy efficient and often incorporate recycled content. The main aim is to raise awareness, to create a healthy environment, conserve energy and to reduce pollution. In applying green office practices a firm and its workplace get sustainable.

Why go green?

There are several good reasons to become a green office:
•    Buying and using energy efficient equipment saves you money
o    Savings in electricity (air-condition bills)
o    Printing double-sided saves money and reduces waste of paper
•    Using energy-efficient equipment has tremendous environmental benefits
o    Reducing the electricity use leads to a reduction of overall air and water pollution from power stations
o    For each 1,00 killowatt-hour of electricity u save you simultaneously save a tome of greenhouse gas
•    Making the workplace a “green office” involves awareness raising and active commitment by the staff, which enhances motivation an productivity of the office staff

How to become a green office?

•    Using recycled paper
•    Printing double-sided
•    Reusing and recycling the materials used at the workplace such as office and kitchen (folders, padded envelopes etc.)
•    No individually packaged sugar and cream is used in the kitchen
•    Equipment and appliances are set to power-saving mode
•    Turn off computers and other office equipment when they are not being used
•    Waste recycling by separating waste in recyclable waste
•    Sharing rides to the workplace or using public transportation
•    Turn off lights when not needed
•    Buy and use energy-efficient equipment, such as energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs
•    Use blinds (especially during the night) and a fan rather then air conditioning  (fans use 98% less energy than air conditioners)


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By Anim


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