Hi all! My name is Yajna and I am from London, England. I have currently been in Vietnam for a month and volunteering at CED for three weeks. Prior to Vietnam I was travelling around Hong Kong and South Korea and after Vietnam I will be heading to Cambodia and Bali to do some more travelling/volunteering – totaling my trip to 3 months!

Prior to working at CED, I had graduated from the University of Nottingham, UK, in Politics and International Relations.
Whilst at University and through previous volunteering work, I have discovered I have a great interest in research and policy for pivotal issues. I was therefore ecstatic at finding out I had been placed in CED.

I have been offered the opportunity to work on a number of tasks with CED. These included researching and compiling research reports, translating and transcribing documents and proposals and planning and delivering English lessons for the CED staff twice a week. One task specifically, compiling a research report on ‘design justice’, was thoroughly enjoyable and allowed me to gain an insight in future projects CED will align themselves with. Subsequently, volunteering at CED has allowed me to further develop my skills in researching, planning and multi-tasking.

For a small office, CED’s impact is stretched far and wide. The issues they advocate for are pivotal and much needed in today’s society; women in education and stem roles, conservation programmes for the environment and supporting the disadvantaged in their educational pursuit. The staff are so friendly and wonderful; they truly have a passion to provide the best with the resources they are given. Furthermore, through teaching the lessons, it is also clear to see their determination and motivation to always strive for the best and let no challenge affect them.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at CED and could not imagine a better place to have worked in Vietnam. The staff are lovely and always happy to help and the food for lunch is absolutely delicious – try the spring rolls if you ever visit! Most importantly, it has been very fulfilling to have worked for a charity which advocates for such essential and pivotal issues in Vietnam. Anyone who has the opportunity to work at CED is truly fortunate.  
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